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Focusing on Individual Health and Nutritional Goals Helps Ben’s Barketplace Stand Out Alone in the Booming Pet Care Industry
This emerging franchise brand offers tailored consultations for every dog and cat that it serves.

While today’s pet care industry is booming, it’s seemingly oversaturated with big box names that don’t specialize in nutrition. While major chains are stocked with the latest commercial pet food and toys, it’s difficult to find a brand that puts the health of individual dogs and cats above everything else. That’s where Ben’s Barketplace comes in.

This leading brand and emerging franchise has been raising the bar in the pet care industry for more than a dozen years. Ben’s Barketplace is more than your traditional pet store—the brand is unique and it makes a point to do individual consultations with every dog and cat that walks through its doors. By having a comprehensive understanding of each pet’s individual needs, Ben’s Barketplace is able to create a food plan that’s most likely to succeed.

That focus on nutrition has a long history of helping pets stay healthy and live longer. When Steve Eslick, for example, brought his dog Tyson into Ben’s Barketplace, he was looking for a solution to his pet’s Type 1 diabetes. Prescription dog food wasn’t helping Tyson or Eslick—Tyson’s insulin usage was incredibly high, as was Eslick’s bill. But both of those problems were solved after Ben’s Barketplace co-founder Brad Romero advised a switch to a raw food diet.

“We ended up stopping in and talking to Brad at Ben’s Barketplace and got some great advice. This was seven months ago, and within a couple of days of moving to raw food, which we started him immediately on, his blood sugar came down and his insulin usage came way down. We were impressed, and we’ve since converted to a raw food diet on a regular basis,” said Eslick.

Tyson and Eslick are far from the only customers that Ben’s Barketplace has helped when it comes to nutrition and health. Lorrie McClain’s oldest dog, a golden retriever, was struggling to keep kibble down when she first brought him to Ben’s Barketplace. But after going through a consultation with the Romero’s and figuring out the best diet, her dog’s condition started to bounce back. That’s when McClain decided to get all three of her dogs on a raw food diet.

“We could notice a difference right away after making the switch to raw food. Not only were our dogs healthier and more energetic, they also had shinier coats and never got infections. My golden retriever is almost seven years old and my German shepherd is four, but people are constantly mistaking them for puppies. That’s how much raw food from Ben’s Barketplace has impacted their health. And even though my oldest golden retriever has now passed on, there’s no doubt in my mind that he would have gone sooner if it weren’t for his switch in diet,” said McClain. “I was a bit skeptical about making the switch over to raw food when Brad first recommended it. But he and his wife Sally answered every possible question that I had—it’s clear that they take the time to personally know every pet and their owners.”

That unique positioning within the growing pet care industry is what makes Ben’s Barketplace stand out to both consumers and business owners. Prospective franchisees recognize that the brand is catering to a demand among dog and cat owners everywhere, ultimately allowing them to get in on the ground level of a growing brand.

Right now, Ben’s Barketplace is franchising across the West Coast in areas like Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah and Colorado in addition to its home state of California. Additionally, there are several other opportunities in many other states throughout the country. The brand is looking to launch its expansion efforts close to home in an effort to better support franchisees as they work to get their businesses off the ground. And with an initial investment typically ranging from $189,800 and $352,050, including a flat franchise fee of $45,000, the brand also offers entrepreneurs with an affordable business ownership opportunity. And for the first franchisees who sign on to open their own location, that franchise fee will be reduced to $39,000. Ben’s Barketplace also offers additional discounts for veterans and multi-unit purchases.

“We go above and beyond to ensure that both our customers and franchise owners are set up for success. Our emphasis on individual needs is universal across the board—we want every member of our team to be equipped to help pets and their owners in their local communities,” said Romero. “We’re looking forward to expanding our reach as we welcome franchisees into our growing system.” Single and multi-unit opportunities are available.